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Presenting the club


The ice skating club Celje was founded in 1948. Back then, it had a different name. It has been in operation on the grounds of the skating rink within the City Park of Celje.

The club consists of the following sections:

- figure-skating (FS) and

- short track skating (SHT).


The club has 47 members who take part in competitions: 32 in FS and 15 in SHT. They take part in the National Championship, the Slovenian Cup, as well as in international matches like SP,EP, EYOF, Students’ Cup, Grand Prix, Danubia Cup, European Criterium. There are five categorized sportsmen in the club who are also members of the Slovenian team.

The club has a status of a public association, which operates in the field of sports.

(No. 6717-333/2007)


The club’s coaches are highly educated and specialized. These are: Anja Bratec, sports teacher, Tamara Dorofejev, Urban Kalsek, Alja Pahor and Polona Peunik.

The club is run by its president Ivan Pfeifer, finance department by Albina Bratec. The technical director of the club is Viktor Kroflič, the information system is run by Aleš Gabriel.

The management committee is led by the president of the club, two other members are Anja Bratec and  Ales Gabriel.

The supervisory board consist with Viktor Kroflic- president, Branko Germadnik and Andrej Peunik.

The professional council of FS consists of the following members: Ivan Pfeifer, Metka Umek, Anja Bratec and Zvezdan Juren.

The professional council of SHT consists of Ivan Pfeifer, Polona Peunik and Igor Urlep.

The disciplinary comittee is led by Milena Šimunič, two other members are Viki Kroflič and Srecko Kolar.


Every year, apart from the National Championship and the Slovenian Cup in figure-skating and short track skating, other international matches are also organized by the club within the International Skating Union ISU. More than three hundred participants, forty clubs and leagues from approximately fifteen countries participate. In summer, the international camps for FS and SHT are organized.

The majority of money needed for operation of the club (payment for coaches, hiring the skating rink, costs of matches) comes from the remaining summer camps’ earnings, from sponsorship of international matches, subventions by the Municipality of Celje as well as  from the membership subscription.


President: Ivan Pfeifer


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